Piezomagnetic effects induced by artificial sources at Mt. Vesuvius (Italy): preliminary results of an experimental survey

C. Del Negro, E. Armadillo, E. Bozzo, L. Cafarella, A. Meloni, R. Napoli, A. Zirizzotti


In order to put new constrains on magnetic effects associated with mechanical stresses, high frequency monitoring of the geomagnetic field was carried out during a seismic tomography experiment (TOMOVES'96 project) at Mt. Vesuvius. Eight proton precession and one Cesium magnetometers were installed along a profile on the SW flank of the volcano to observe possible magnetic changes induced by explosions. Measurements were performed at different sampling frequencies (10 Hz, 0.5 Hz and 0.1 Hz). A remarkable change in the intensity of the magnetic field was observed in only one case. The magnetic transient lasted 12-13 min, reaching the maximum amplitude of slightly less than 15 nT.


piezomagnetic effect;artificial sources;Mt. Vesuvius

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4344
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