Southern-Tyrrhenian seismicity in space-time-magnitude domain

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G. Adelfio
M. Chiodi
L. De Luca
D. Luzio
M. Vitale


An analysis is conducted on a catalogue containing more than 2000 seismic events
occurred in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea between 1988 and October 2002, as an attempt
to characterise the main seismogenetic processes active in the area in space, time and magnitude domain by means of the parameters of phenomenological laws.

We chose to adopt simple phenomenological models, since the low number of data did
not allow to use more complex laws.

The two main seismogenetic volumes present in the area were considered for the purpose
of this work. The first includes a nearly homogeneous distribution of hypocentres in a
NW steeply dipping layer as far as about 400 km depth. This is probably the seismological
expression of the Ionian lithospheric slab subducting beneath the Calabrian Arc.

The second contains hypocentres concentrated about a sub-horizontal plane lying at
an average depth of about 10 km. It is characterised by a background seismicity spread all over the area and by clusters of events that generally show a direction of maximum elongation.

The parameters of the models describing seismogenetically homogeneous subsets of the
earthquake catalogue in the three analysis domains, along with their confidence intervals, are estimated and analysed to establish whether they can be regarded as representative of a particular subset.

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Adelfio, G., Chiodi, M., De Luca, L., Luzio, D. and Vitale, M. (2006) “Southern-Tyrrhenian seismicity in space-time-magnitude domain”, Annals of Geophysics, 49(6). doi: 10.4401/ag-4412.

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