Three years continuous record of the Earth’s magnetic field at Concordia Station (DomeC, Antarctica)

Aude Chambodut, Domenico Di Mauro, Jean-Jacques Schott, Pascal Bordais, Lucia Agnoletto, Pietro di Felice


The magnetic observatory deployed at DomeC, Antarctica, in the French-Italian base known as Concordia has
now been permanently running for more than three years. This paper focuses on these long-term results which
are more relevant for an observatory intended to provide absolute values of the field. The problems which
emerged in this fairly long record are discussed and solutions suggested to upgrade the observatory to the standards
of an absolute one (i.e. Intermagnet standards).
Mailing address: Dr. Aude Chambodut, Ecole et Observatoire
des Sciences de la Terre 5, rue Descartes 67084, Strasbourg
Cedex, France; e-mail:


Antarctica – DomeC – magnetic observatory – continuos records

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