Climate of the upper atmosphere

Jürgen Bremer, Jan Lasˇtovicˇka, Andrei V. Mikhailov, David Altadill, Pal Bencze, Dalia Buresˇová, Giorgiana De Franceschi, Christoph Jacobi, Stamatis Kouris, Loredana Perrone, Esa Turunen


In the frame of the European COST 296 project (Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems, MIERS)

investigations of the climate of the upper atmosphere have been carried out during the last four years to obtain

new information on the upper atmosphere. Mainly its ionospheric part has been analysed as the ionosphere

most essential for the propagation of radio waves. Due to collaboration between different European partners

many new results have been derived in the fields of long-term trends of different ionospheric and related atmospheric

parameters, the investigations of different types of atmospheric waves and their impact on the ionosphere,

the variability of the ionosphere, and the investigation of some space weather effects on the ionosphere.

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