HF spectrum occupancy and antennas

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António Casimiro
Joaquim Azevedo
Lefteris Economou
Haris Haralambous
Ersin Tulunay
Yurdanur Tulunay
Yildirim Bahadirlar
A. Serdar Türk
E. Michael Warrington


This paper deals with the research made during the COST 296 action in the WG2, WP 2.3 in the antennas and

HF spectrum management fields, focusing the Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems as the subject of this COST action.

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Casimiro A, Azevedo J, Economou L, Haralambous H, Tulunay E, Tulunay Y, Bahadirlar Y, Türk AS, Warrington EM. HF spectrum occupancy and antennas. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2009Apr.25 [cited 2023Dec.5];52(3-4):339-57. Available from: https://www.annalsofgeophysics.eu/index.php/annals/article/view/4581

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