Variazione stagionale del sistema di correnti Sq

Franco Molina, Osvaldo Battelli


The present work is concerned with an examination of the seasonal variation of the Sq current system at a latitude of about 40˚ N in the European region, with particular regard to the shifts in latitude of the «focus» of the system. The period of time under examination extends from June 1958 to December 1960 inclusive. Use has been made of the magnetograms of Asiago (45˚52' N, 11˚31' E; geomagnetic latitude 46.6˚ N), L'Aquila (42˚23' N, 13˚19' E; geomagn. lat. 42.9˚ N), and Gibilmanna (37˚59' N, 14˚01' E; geomagn. lat. 38.5˚ N) and of the hourly values of the Fürstenfeldbruck Observatory (48˚10' N, 11˚17' E; geomagn. lat. 48.9˚ N). For this study, days with Ap < 10 were chosen. However, the reading taken on some of these days...

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