Influence of Giulio Grablovitz in Spain: instruments and scientific correspondence

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Josep Batlló


It is known that Giulio Grablovitz founded and operated a «geodynamic» station on Ischia Island from 1885 up to his death. But it is almost unknown that one of the instruments he designed, the horizontal pendulum, was installed at Ebre Observatory in Spain. Records from this instrument and correspondence between Grablovitz and the Ebre observatory are still preserved. These documents show how the research work done by Grablovitz was introduced and diffused in Spain. Also, they give us some new information on the construction of the seismic instruments designed by Grablovitz. The present paper deals with the analysis of the preserved materials, assesses the introduction of Grablovitz research in Spain and shows the importance of the use of manuscript sources

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Batlló, J. (2009) “Influence of Giulio Grablovitz in Spain: instruments and scientific correspondence”, Annals of Geophysics, 52(6), pp. 699–707. doi: 10.4401/ag-4626.