Giulio Grablovitz (1846-1928) and his scientific activity based on personal and institutional correspondence

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Graziano Ferrari


Giulio Grablovitz was one of the leading figures in Italian and international seismology from the second half of

the 1880s up to the 1920s. The documentary assets of his long, multifaceted and intense scientific experience

consist of several thousand items, amongst which seismic and instrumental recordings, scientific correspondence, publications, bulletins, various manuscripts and photographic materials. What remains from the observatory’s original wealth of instrumental equipment is: the seismic tank, some masses and the precision pendulum

time-keeping clock. Some partial operations of cataloguing, reproduction and study have so far allowed us to appreciate the great value and scientific and historical utility of the various published and unpublished components, which are individually of great value, but taken as a whole represent a unique heritage.

The cross-matching of this documentation with other Italian epistolary archives allows us to sketch a preliminary profile of Grablovitz, his scientific and human character, together with his fundamental contribution to the birth and development of the Italian geodynamic service and the development of the experimental seismology of his day.

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