GEOSTAR deep seafloor missions: magnetic data analysis and 1D geoelectric structure underneath the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Sergio Vitale, Angelo De Santis, Domenico Di Mauro, Lili Cafarella, Paolo Palangio, Laura Beranzoli, Paolo Favali


From 2000 to 2005 two geophysical exploration missions were undertaken in the Tyrrhenian deep seafloor at
depths between -2000 and -3000 m in the framework of the European-funded GEOSTAR Projects. The considered
missions in this work are GEOSTAR-2 and ORION-GEOSTAR-3 with the main scientific objective of investigating
the deep-seafloor by means of an automatic multiparameter benthic observatory station working continuously
from around 5 to 12 months each time. During the two GEOSTAR deep seafloor missions, scalar and
vector magnetometers acquired useful magnetic data both to improve global and regional geomagnetic reference
models and to infer specific geoelectric information about the two sites of magnetic measurements by means of
a forward modelling.


GEOSTAR – Tyrrhenian Sea – deep seafloor – electrical conductivity – lithosphere

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