Development of a site-conditions map for the Campania-Lucania region (southern Apennines, Italy)

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Luciana Cantore
Vincenzo Convertito
Aldo Zollo


Having a reliable site-conditions estimate is an important step to analyze and predict earthquake ground motions. To provide this information for the Campania-Lucania region (southern Apennines, Italy), and in the framework of a collaboration with the regional branch of the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile (Italian National Civil Protection Agency), the geological units shown on a 1:250,000 scale geological map have been combined together into four categories based on age and geological similarities. According to the site classification defined in engineering building codes, each site has been assigned a class, a value or range of values of the average shear-wave velocity to 30 m (Vs30), and the site-dominant period. Thus, we have digitized the category boundaries from the map, tracing only the geological contacts that separate the units of different site classes. The accuracy of the site-conditions map is only limited by the number of Vs profiles used to compute the Vs30, and geologic data available to date. Analyses with new data will allow updates and modifications to this map. The resulting site classification map provides a helpful tool to better characterize the site effects for those applications where amplification values at large scale are need, such as ground-shaking maps or seismic hazard maps.

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Cantore, L., Convertito, V. and Zollo, A. (2010) “Development of a site-conditions map for the Campania-Lucania region (southern Apennines, Italy)”, Annals of Geophysics, 53(4), pp. 27–37. doi: 10.4401/ag-4648.
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