Nuove evidenze di correlazione tra l'attenuazione macrosismica ed i campi di lineamenti strutturali nell'Italia meridionale

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The analysis of a large number of macroseismic fields of past and recent
earthquakes in Southern Italy allows a wider check of a previous interpretative
model of the anisotropy of the regional macroseismic field, in the context of a more
recent point of view of the tectonics.
Our model is based on the hypothesis and analysis of the correlation between
the fields of structural lineaments, characterized by the frequence and cumulative
length, and the attenuation of the macroseismic intensity. We studied the physical
and geometric factors which control the propagation of the seismic waves which
determine the macroseismic intensity in a given place, and then considered the use
of the filtre carried out by the "warp" formed by the "Giant Craks".
The Irpinia earthquake on 23rd November 1980 is suitable for a general study
of the postulated correlation, due to the extent of its macroseimic field and the
different structural characteristics of the areas concerned.

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BOTTARI, A., FEDERICO, B. and Lo GIUDICE, E. (1982) “Nuove evidenze di correlazione tra l’attenuazione macrosismica ed i campi di lineamenti strutturali nell’Italia meridionale”, Annals of Geophysics, 35(1), pp. 5–26. doi: 10.4401/ag-4669.

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