P and S-wave compatible crustal models for the western Ionian basin



We assume a four layers stratified crustal model with homogeneous layers and
spherical simmetry for the earth's crust of the Western Ionian basin like a similar
crustal model formerly proposed for the Southern Tyrrenian basin and the Messina
Straits area.
To define the P-wave velocity in the upper layer of the model we analize the
travel-times of the 7"-waves produced by shots fired in the region concerned. Such
waves are recorded in different and conveniently grouped seismic stations. The
observed travel-times are essential to define the P-phase refracted at the base of the
first crustal layer of the model and subsequently the following refracted phases.
The thickness of the layers and the corrispondent velocities are calculated by
determining the 8 / , and S A,- contributions (travel-time and angular distance)
following the relation relative to the seismic parameter p{:
S , a ; = 2 2, - S / , - 2 p i 2,8A,.
where a, is the intercepted time of the observed travel-time curve. A similar
procedure allows to define a crustal model also for S-waves.
Finally the elastic constants p., K, rs and p density in the crustal layers are

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4674
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