Progressive estimation of hypocentres and three dimensional crustal model

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The arrival times of a set of earthquakes at a seismic station network
contain information both on the hypocentres of earthquakes as well as on
the physical parameters of the area crossed by seismic ray paths. This
paper discusses an evaluation that renders possible the contemporary
reckoning of both the hypocentres and the model by means of a set-up ot
two computer program types which have separate characteristics but are
both capable of reckoning the arrival times at the stations with three-dimensional
variable speed models and the employment of a routine edited
by the CERN COMPUTER CENTRE so as to minimize residuals.
To do this, the work is carried out following a sequece of approximations:
on the basis of an initial model the hypocentres are worked out,
and on the basis of the latter a more detailed model than the former is
subsequently worked out; this process is repeated until a satisfactory solution
is obtained.
In this paper, in order to determine the efficiency of the method employed,
a theoretical simulation is used which gives encouraging results.

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ALESSANDRINI, B. and LEVATO, L. (1980) “Progressive estimation of hypocentres and three dimensional crustal model”, Annals of Geophysics, 33(1), pp. 297–317. doi: 10.4401/ag-4710.