Seismicity and earthquake risk in western Sicily

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The seismicity and the earthquake risk in Western Sicily are here
evaluated on the basis of the experimental data referring to the historical
and instrumentally recorded earthquakes in this area (from 1248
up to 1968), which have been thoroughly collected, analyzed, tested and
normalized in order to assure the quasi-stationarity of the series of
The approximated magnitude values — obtained by means of a compared
analysis of the magnitude and epicentral intensity values of the
latest events — have allowed to study the parameters of the frequency-
magnitude relation with both the classical exponential model and
the truncated exponential one previously proposed by the author.
So, the basic parameters, including the maximum possible regional
magnitude, have been estimated by means of different procedures, and
their behaviours have been studied as functions of the threshold magnitude.

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COSENTINO, P. (1978) “Seismicity and earthquake risk in western Sicily”, Annals of Geophysics, 31(1), pp. 243–260. doi: 10.4401/ag-4752.