Model and observed seismicity represented in a two dimensional space

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M. Caputo


In recent years theoretical seismology lias introduced
some formulae relating the magnitude and the seismic moment of earthquakes
to the size of the fault and the stress drop which generated the
In the present paper we introduce a model for the statistics of the
earthquakes based on these formulae. The model gives formulae which
show internal consistency and are also confirmed by observations.
For intermediate magnitudes the formulae reproduce also the trend
of linearity of the statistics of magnitude and moment observed in all the
seismic regions of the world. This linear trend changes into a curve with
increasing slope for large magnitudes and moment.
When a catalogue of the magnitudes and/or the seismic moment of
the earthquakes of a seismic region is available, the model allows to estimate
the maximum magnitude possible in the region.

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Caputo, M. (1976) “Model and observed seismicity represented in a two dimensional space”, Annals of Geophysics, 29(4), pp. 277–288. doi: 10.4401/ag-4808.

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