The Armutlu Network: an investigation into the seismotectonic setting of Armutlu–Yalova–Gemlik and the surrounding regions

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Berna Tunc
Deniz Caka
Tahir Serkan Irmak
Heiko Woith
Suleyman Tunc
Serif Baris
Mithat Firat Ozer
Birger Gottfried Lühr
Erwin Günther
Helmut Grosser
Jochen Zschau


Armutlu Peninsula is in the Marmara Region of Turkey, located at the western end of the 1999 Kocaeli rupture. Armutlu peninsula is believed to be adjacent to the Intra-Pontide Suture Zone, or even to be a part of it. This zone has a key role for the understanding of the neo-tectonic features of this region and the interactions between high seismicity with high thermal activity and neo-tectonic faults that have originated through the ongoing movement of the two branches north and south of Armutlu. A horst and graben structure appears in this region, whereby the Armutlu Peninsula represents a horst between two branches of the North Anatolian Fault System, which results in a complex dextral zone. To understand the relationships among the micro-earthquake activity, the hydrothermal activity, and the tectonic structure of the region, the Armutlu Network (ARNET) was installed. ARNET aims to monitor the chronological evolution of the seismicity, and to investigate the deformation of the Armutlu Peninsula, and possible interactions between seismic waves and pore-pressure variations in the geothermal systems. The Armutlu–Yalova–Gemlik region has a very complicated tectonic structure, and it has scattered micro-earthquake activity. The upper part of the crust includes a low-velocity zone that conforms to present tectonic activity and the brittle deformed metamorphic rocks. Recent seismic activity has been confined to Gemlik Bay, and the Yalova–Termal region. Therefore, special attention is needed to monitor the seismic activity in these regions, to understand the likely and forthcoming larger event(s) in the Marmara Region. We believe that this region will have an important role in our understanding of the formation of the next larger earthquake at the western extension of the North Anatolian Fault system.

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Tunc, B., Caka, D., Irmak, T. S., Woith, H., Tunc, S., Baris, S., Ozer, M. F., Lühr, B. G., Günther, E., Grosser, H. and Zschau, J. (2011) “The Armutlu Network: an investigation into the seismotectonic setting of Armutlu–Yalova–Gemlik and the surrounding regions”, Annals of Geophysics, 54(1), pp. 35–45. doi: 10.4401/ag-4877.

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