Fault plane solutions as related to known geological faults in and near India



Based on the focal mechanism solutions of newly determined
solutions, and other recent workers the correlation between one of
the nodal planes and the geological faults has been discussed for three regions
namely Kashmir, Central Himalayas and northeast India including
Assam. The variability between multiple solutions reported for some earthquakes
and the limitations in the choice of the nodal plane from /'-wave
solutions have been brought out.
It is seen that no standard criteria either on the basis of isoseismals
or of aftershocks can be used to distinguish the fault plane from the auxiliary
plane. It has been found that in general there is good agreement between
one of the nodal planes and the geological faults in Kashmir and the Central
Himalayas. In northeast India, the strike directions obtained from the
mechanism solutions generally agree with the trends of the main thrusts
but the dip direction for shocks originating in the India-Burma border

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4887
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