Geoconsolidamenti irreversibili a breve termine



After some consideration, about the geo-dewatering
in use, t h e A. develops new tecniques, following t h e new theoretical bearings
in EGO.
I n fact, when the surface permeability parameter is introduced near
t h e cathode, the A. integrates the classic theories with this assumption,
a t t a i n i n g new deductions, above all applicable, concerning more efficient
consolidations of the layers.
F u n d a m e n t a l deduction is t h a t , in conditions of applicability EGO,
the water conductor effect can be pronounced to the cathode in delay, in respect
to that of EGO.
Such depliasemont takes place, with initial outlining of pure effect
EGO at maximum, more or less acccntuatod, making it possible to self-condition,
rapid and intense consolidated effects of irreversible nature.
Obtaining electroconsolidations at brief terms, at maximum intensity
new s t r u c t u r e s with diagenetic character in function of the dephasement
of the two flux, water migrators (by cathodc) ionic and neutral, in order
of arrival.

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