Localization of convective breaking in a perturbed stratified atmosphere



The reaction to p e r t u r b a t i o n s at the b o t t om of a stably
s t r a t i f i e d layer characterized by small periodical variations of the thermal
s t a b i l i t y p a r a m e t e r and capped by a, less stable, semi-infinite layer has been
studied. When resonance conditions for internal zero order waves (represented
by solutions obtained neglecting the small periodical variations of the
s t a b i l i t y p a r a m e t e r itself) t r a p p e d in t h e lower layer are satisfied, secondary
waves, generated by the i n t e r a c t i o n of zero order waves and t h e small variations
af t h e s t a b i l i t y p a r a m e t e r , t u r n out to be resonant too. Some information
can then be obtained on the localization along the vertical of convective
breaking (and turbulent patches) in the lower layer, t a k i n g into
account t h e superposition of zero order and secondary waves. These results
seem to be relevant for t h e comprehension of t h e dynamics of t h e atmospheric
inversions as well as of the oceanic thermocline.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4906
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