Geotectonic interpretation of measuremeuts of joint orientations in the Muskoka regio n of the Canadian ShieId



,\ ,letail(',1 S\U,"Py of joint orient.ations Wi!"; lIulIlp in tll{'
~ru~koka J'{·!_(ion of Cellt.ral Ontario (Cana,la). (Tsing- a ted\niqlW ,1,,"('\01'(',1
(·arlier. tlw prinC'i]Jal pr('sent.,lax W'oj{·('toni(' str('ss tt'aj"l'toriO'.~ In're ('Oll'
strndl',1 for tlll' an'a. 'l'hl' followilll!: results wcre ohtain('lI:
l) - 'l'hl' 1't'in('Ìpal reg-ionill stre!\ses l'llll X· .. ~ illlOl E·\". Thi~ ('otT(';;pon,l!\
to a fradure pattol'll whkh lit.s wilh the !\trike of th" pdnripal W'o)!raphie
featurl's of th(' rpgioll. illl'il\{iinl!: U\O striko of nl{' Kt. LawrO'n('I' valle,\'.
2) - 'l'hot'o is no cort'elali'lIl hetw"en th" pr('sent·,lay joint ~.vsklll allOl
ol,lPr joillts liIlO'II with 1'Ol!:lllatik ot' qnartz in the area., ilJ(lÌl'aling that th"
ori"ntation of thp strl'ss liel,1 has ('hang-O'II dnrilll!: I!:l'olol!:ÌI'al hi.~h)Jy.
3) - 'l'llI't'e i~ no eot'J'{'lation ]wtween joilltill)! al1

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