Doppia oscillazione diurna della pressione atmosferica e del gradiente verticale del campo elettromagnetico



After having stated the essential characteristics about the
double diurnal oscillation of the atmospheric pressure over the whole Earth's
surface, using the barograms of the metereological Observatory of Istituto
Cavanis in Venice, there are drawn the diagrams of the hour-averages for
the single months from the year 1959 to the year 19(57.
The same monthly and annual diagrams are drawn for the vertical gradient
of the electro-atmospheric field for the period 1963-1967.
The parallelism between the two series of diagrams is good, and almost
perfect between the two diagrams which contain all the considered measures.
Then there is a short mention about the structure of the electricatmospheric
field of the Earth, as it is furnished by the last discoveries,
reached by the meteorological rockets and by the artificial satellites. As a conclusion there is noticed that, with mueh of probability, the doublé
oscillation of the two parameters considered is produced by the sanie causes,
especially by the atinospheric tides and by the electric fields, produced by
the same tides.

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