The vertical gradient of Electro-Atmospheric potential at Macerata (Italy) (Central East Apennines)

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This work studies eleven years of measures of the gradient
of electro-atmospheric potential carried out in the Observatory of
Macerata (East Central Apennines). The medium yearly and monthly
values as well as the medium hourly values have been calculated. The
calculations are based on the values of five calm days chosen with probabilistic
methods from all the calm days of the month considered. The equation lias also been found from the medium hourly curve by
means of harmonic analysis. Then the harmonics have been examined
stopping at the third, and it has been found that these reflected the different
general and local components such as that due to the masses of air of maritime
origin and that due to the masses of continental air operating alternatively
in the region of observation. The general minimum of the local hours
"> a. m. (4 TU) is clearly shown by the first harmonic, and it is also present
in the medium hourly curve but appears in this less accentuated than what
we would expect it to be.
Finally the behaviours of the vertical gradient in clear, cloudy and
calm days have been studied and the different results compared.
The behaviour of the parameter of the atmospheric electricity in relation
to the solar phenomena has also been studied and in particular with the
behaviour of the sunspots during the eleven years of observations.

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GUALTIERI, G. and MURRI, A. (1969) “The vertical gradient of Electro-Atmospheric potential at Macerata (Italy) (Central East Apennines)”, Annals of Geophysics, 22(1), pp. 33–55. doi: 10.4401/ag-5080.