A noie on the loss of hydrogen and the supply of hydrogen to the Earth as a direct or indirect effect of the solar wind



The rate at which hydrogen is supplied to the Earth
by the solar wind, and the rate at which hydrogen escapes from the Earth
by diffusion into space are compared 011 the basis of recent estimates. It
is found that the hydrogen supplied by the solar wind is roughly comparable
to or may even be larger than present hydrogen losses. The Earth
may have lost most of its hydrogen at an early stage when, according to
Urey and Miller (1959), Pox (1960) and others, the Earth had a reducing,
instead of an oxidizing atmosphere. However, no sufficient evidence is
yet available to determine whether the Earth is still losing more hydrogen
than it receives. The common notion that the Earth is still in the process
of losing its hydrogen is therefore in question.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5083
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