A Theory of the Origin of the Solar System



theory of tlie origin of the solar system is propounded.
The approach belongs to the dualistic class of theories but still retains all
the essential features of a monistic theory. It emphasizes the need of a
foreign body approaching the solar nebula for the occurrence of an instability
in the boundary layer of the nebular disc. This foreign body is postulated
to be a brother star of the Sun in the sense that both belong to a common
central parent body such as any two successive planets belong to
the Sun. The analysis gives a law of distance of the planets from tlie Sun.
This law is obeyed separately by both the groups of the planets more closely
than the existing Titius - Bode's law. The law is also found to be applicable
in the various satellite systems.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5087
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