La lettura semiautomatica delle registrazioni nell'I.N.G.

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In this paper, after a short comparative examination
between the analogical and the digitai records, the AA. present a simple
apparatus made in the « Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica » in order to read semiautomatically
the analogical records of the institute in the various fields
of the geopliysics. The apparatus consists in an analog digitizer, which transforms the
ordinate of the record trace in a number of impulses proportional to this
ordinate and prints this number on a paper tape.
The hour of the ordinate and the numbers for the record identification
are printed on the paper tape by means of some rotary switches.
In the last part of this paper the AA. present a codex in order to identify
the record, the observatory, the apparatus, etc.; this codex, is used
in the « Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica ». It is analog to the codex of the
UCD, but it is very different for the numerous improvements, which have
been necessary for its employment in the institute.
This apparatus for its simplicity makes very easy the work of the
operator with a saving a lot of time; it can prepare rapidly the data in
order to forward these to a digital computer for the elaboration, to compute
the absolute data and the diurnal, monthly and annual variations, to
research the eventual correlations, and to write the monthly bullettins

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