Un periodo sismico nella zona dei Monti della Tolfa

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On July 2nd, 1969, at about 07h56m (Greenwich Mean
Time), an intense earthquake shock, followed by a series of minor ones,
occurred in the Tolfa Mountains, located between the Bracciano Lake and
the littoral of Civitavecchia. The phenomenon was of a particular interest,
since it occurred in an area that until present days had seemed to be rather
quiet seismically.
With the present note, on the base of thorough investigations conducted
in the hardest-hit area and in all places where the seismic movement had
been perceivsd by the inhabitants, the coordinates of the epicenter are
determinated and the macroseismic propagation of the main shock is represented
with the map of isoseismical lines. With the data obtained from seismograms recorded by the stations
of Rome and of Monte Porzio Catone, the hypocentral depth and the origin
time of the main shock have been calculated.
Tliis is followed by a description of the seismic activity in the region
extending around the area of the Tolfa Mountains.

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