Hecent investigations of a Bronze Age eruprion



'l'he firHt part of the paper i8 a sllOrt account about. tllC
«Int.ernational Seientific Congn'ss on thf', Volcano of Thera >, organized by the
Greek Arehaeological Serviee. In t.he seeond part, the author deal~ with
the prolJlcm uf the so-called Minoan tsnnami of vulcano Santurin. Kome
('alculatiolls are ma(le concerning the energy of this tHullami in c,ase of (liifer('
nt waye_heights. 'l'he noj.jon of free tcetonie fmergy is introduccd and
treated. The aut.hor states that the relationship betwcen the height amI
the energy of a tsnnami, expressed mathematically by Ii(la i8 nsefnl in
tllC eaHe of the Santorin Minoan '·Tupt.ion, too.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5135
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