The Rheology of the Earth in the Intermediate Time Range

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The evidence bearing upon the rheology of the " tectonically
significant layers" of the Earth (" tectonosphere ") in the intermediate
time range (4 hours to 15000 years) is analyzed. This evidence is
based upon observations of rock-behavior in the laboratory, of seismic
aftershock sequences, of Earth tides and of the decay of the Chandler wobble.
It is shown that of the rheological models (Maxwell-material, Kelvin-material,
and logarithmically creeping material) advocated in the literature, only that
based on logarithmic creep does not contradict any of the observational
evidence available to date. In addition, a strength limit may be present.

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SCHEIDEGGER, A. E. (1970) “The Rheology of the Earth in the Intermediate Time Range”, Annals of Geophysics, 23(1), pp. 27–43. doi: 10.4401/ag-5141.