Indice de forma para identificar a las pulsaciones geomagneticas

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To make a complete study of pulsation given the planetary
characteristics of his shapes is theorically obtain all the world magnetograms.
But this work it's impossible to do, because the number of information to
meet is very rich.
We thought to save these difficulties in that manner; first, choosing only
26 or 30 observatories distribuites conveniently around the world; second, by
the form index that appears in the usual bulletins it will permit to solicit
only the magnetograms of our interest.
The index is formed by signs, numbers and letters, conveniently grouped
and built in according to a key. It'll be able to give a complete and syntetic
information to rebuilt the phenomena.
This index is formed by: only one first sign who give tlie direction of
initial deformation; next, two letters that identify the type of pulsation:
immediately three numbers, the first give the average period, the second the
average amplitude, and the third the amplitude or deformation coefficient.
The last term is named " the configuration term " and at last a number who
estimates the frequence deformation gives by a key.

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