On Mapping of Seismic Activity in Greece

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For mapping the seismic activity tlie earthquake energy
releaseil per square degree per liundred years was determined, and tlie values
obtained were used for drawing isoenergetical lines. Two maps constructed
in this way for the periods 1710-1959 and 1841-1959 show clearly tliat the
earthquake activity in the Greek area is concentrated, for the most part, along
the large fault zone bordering the western and southern coasts of Greece.
It is believed tliat this fault zone marks the trend of a marginai geosyncline,
which is now in the course of development in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Tlie map of earthquake efflciency in Greece sliows clearly tliat the main
part of the earthquake energy released in the Greek area comes frolli two
well developed centres of higher seismic activity, located along the abovementioned
large fault zone.

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GALANOPOULOS, A. G. (1963) “On Mapping of Seismic Activity in Greece”, Annals of Geophysics, 16(1), pp. 37–100. doi: 10.4401/ag-5225.