Evaluation of the aerothermodynamic field produced by a pseudospheric body of mercury type at M = 22.6 flying in air in thermodynamic equilibrium



Tlie differential equations valid after tlie shock are first
given in curvilinear coordinates; the cbosen unknowns are the two velocity
components and the entropy and enthalpy. A function of entropy and
enthalpy is then determined, by ineans of wliich ali the thermodynamic
variables of the fluir are " coherently " approximated. Later on, the density
and ali the otlier kinematic and thermodynamic variables are calculated
immediately after the shock, taking the angle a as a parameter. The shape
of the body is now taken into account and a convenient shape of the shock
wave is given.
The differential equations are then integrated with a step-by-step
procedure, until the stagnation entropy is reached 011 the body.
Finally the pressure and the temperature on the body are given. A
sonic-to-stagnation pressure of 0.0 is the result, instead of 0.523 for a perfect

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5234
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