Le oscillazioni libere del golfo di Civitavecchia e l'azione della viscosità cinematica

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m. c. spadera


The aim of the present teorìe is the study of free oscillations in thePort of Civitavecchia.The application of ordinari/ thermodynamic theories has yielded,however, values too shorter than those observed. Tlius, in tliis particularcase, water could not be considered an ideal fluid. In view of the modestdepth of the port (about liy2 feet) and its comparatively consideratile extent,it must be supposed tliat viscosity influenced the increase of the period.After liaving considered this aspect of the problem, a iheory concerningthe effect of kinematic viscosity icas applied yielding excellent results. Atheoretical value (T = 10'", 8) coinciding with the average observed wasobtained for the uninodal of the gulf. The lengthening of the period whichivould take place in the case of an ideal fluid has turned out correspondingto the action of dynamic viscosity for which we obtained v = 840 c.g.s.

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CALOI p., spadera m. c. Le oscillazioni libere del golfo di Civitavecchia e l’azione della viscosità cinematica. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 1959Nov.25 [cited 2022Aug.13];12(2):161-77. Available from: https://www.annalsofgeophysics.eu/index.php/annals/article/view/5646