Macroseisinie Eviilence for the Fault Piane

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a. g. Galanopoulos


Under the assumption that the earthquakes are the result of faultingunder the action of a couple the amplitudes of the longitudinalwaves and those of the transverse waves are zero in ali directions situatedin the fault piane (Honda-Emura, 1957). Taking this info consideration,it is intuitively evident that the minimum radius of the felt areashould occur in the direction of the fault piane. The unsymmetricalenergy distribution from the hypocentre proved strong enough not tobe masked by the influence of the inhomogeneity of the medium, especiallvof the upper layers, upon the isoseismal pattern (Keilis Borok,1956). Such being the case, the minimum radius of the macroseismicarea should be used auxiliarly in the case it is not possible with the liei])of the initial motion of transverse waves or in other way to determinewhich of the two nodal planes for longitudinal waves in the focus wasthe actual fault piane.

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Galanopoulos, a. g. (1959) “Macroseisinie Eviilence for the Fault Piane”, Annals of Geophysics, 12(2), pp. 189–196. doi: 10.4401/ag-5648.