Natura fisica della scossa all'ipocentro di alcuni terremoti profondi nel Mediterraneo

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Determination of the physical nature of the shocks at the hypocentreof four deep earthquakes concerning the basin of the Mediterranean and theconclusion that these seismic movements were caused by fractures.Owing to various considerations it was preferred to choose for theseearthquakes the piane whicli appears aligned approximately along the E-Wdirection (coasts of Calabria and Southern Spain) except for the reservesformulateci in connection with the Lipari Islands due to the particulàr situationof the epicentro of this earthquake in respect to the direction of theStraits of Messina.

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DI FILIPPO, D. (1959) “Natura fisica della scossa all’ipocentro di alcuni terremoti profondi nel Mediterraneo”, Annals of Geophysics, 12(4), pp. 549–566. doi: 10.4401/ag-5737.

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