Daily earthquake forecasts during the May-June 2012 Emilia earthquake sequence (northern Italy)

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Warner Marzocchi
Maura Murru
Anna Maria Lombardi
Giuseppe Falcone
Rodolfo Console


On May 20, 2012, at 02:03 UTC, a magnitude Ml 5.9 earthquake hit part of the Po Plain area (latitude, 44.89 ˚N; longitude, 11.23 ˚E) close to the village of Finale-Emilia in the Emilia-Romagna region (northern Italy). This caused a number of human losses and significant economic damage to buildings, and to local farms and industry. This earthquake was preceded by an increase in the seismicity the day before, with the largest shock of Ml 4.1 at 23:13 UTC (latitude, 44.90 ˚N; longitude, 11.26 ˚E). It was then followed by six other Ml 5.0 or greater events in the following weeks. The largest of these six earthquakes occurred on May 29, 2012, at 07:00 UTC (Ml 5.8), and was located 12 km southwest of the May 20, 2012, main event (latitude, 44.85 ˚N; longitude, 11.09 ˚E), resulting in the collapse of many buildings that had already been weakened, a greater number of victims, and most of the economic damage (see Figure 1). This sequence took place in one of the Italian regions that is considered to be at small-to-moderate seismic hazard [Gruppo di Lavoro MPS 2004]. Earthquakes of the M6 class have occurred in the past in this zone [Gruppo di Lavoro CPTI 2004], but with a much smaller time frequency with respect to the most seismically hazardous parts of Italy. […]

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Marzocchi, W., Murru, M., Lombardi, A. M., Falcone, G. and Console, R. (2012) “Daily earthquake forecasts during the May-June 2012 Emilia earthquake sequence (northern Italy)”, Annals of Geophysics, 55(4). doi: 10.4401/ag-6161.

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