The new CAS-DIS digital ionosonde

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Wang Shun
Chen Ziwei
Zhang Feng
Fang Guangyou


A high quality digital ionosonde called the Chinese Academy of Sciences digital ionosonde (CAS-DIS) has been developed for investigations of the ionosphere. Two important features are used for the CAS-DIS; first, the technique of analog down-conversion has been replaced by the new approach of digital down-conversion technology. Secondly, to solve the problem of large instantaneous receiving bandwidth in digital receivers, an analog narrowband tracking filter is used for the CAS-DIS. The center frequency of the filter tracks the carrier frequency transmitted in real-time, to ensure that the frequency components are filtered out of the effective bandwidth. This report describes the system architecture of the CAS-DIS, its main features, and its test results for ionosphere detection.


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Shun, W., Ziwei, C., Feng, Z. and Guangyou, F. (2013) “The new CAS-DIS digital ionosonde”, Annals of Geophysics, 56(1), p. R0107. doi: 10.4401/ag-6203.
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