Demagnetization Analysis in Excel (DAIE). An open source workbook in Excel for viewing and analyzing demagnetization data from paleomagnetic discrete samples and u-channels

Leonardo Sagnotti


The Demagnetization Analysis in Excel (DAIE) software is a single Microsoft Excel file designed for viewing and analyzing stepwise demagnetization data of both discrete and u-channel samples in paleomagnetic studies. DAIE is an Excel workbook and has an open modular structure organized in 10 worksheets. It is designed for an easy use and an interactive operability; all the commands and choices can be entered by sliding menus associated to single cells. The standard demagnetization diagrams and various parameters of common use are shown on the same worksheet including selectable parameters and user's choices. The remanence characteristic components may be computed by principal component analysis (PCA) on a selected interval of demagnetization steps. Saving of the PCA data can be done both sample by sample, or in automatic by applying the selected choices to all the samples included in the file. The whole workbook is free both for use and editing and it is available for download on a dedicated website.


paleomagnetism, software, Excel

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