The Atmospheric Composition Validation and Evolution Workshop (ACVE2013) - Recommendations

Stefano Casadio, Angelika Dehn, Thorsten Fehr, Bojan R. Bojkov


During the last 18 years, the European Space Agency (ESA) has provided the scientific community with a large amount of valuable atmospheric composition data produced by a series of instruments, starting with GOME [Burrows et al., 1999], on-board the ERS-2 satellite (1995-2011), and followed by the GOMOS [Kyrola et al., 2004], MIPAS [Fischer et al., 2008], and the SCIAMACHY [Bovensmann et al., 1999], all flying on-board the Envisat satellite (2002-2012). These observations will be continued by the Sentinel-5 Precursor, Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 and extended the EarthCARE and ADM missions for aerosols and clouds. […]

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