Instrumental seismic catalogue of Mt. Etna earthquakes (Sicily, Italy): ten years (2000-2010) of instrumental recordings

Salvatore Alparone, Vincenza Maiolino, Antonino Mostaccio, Antonio Scaltrito, Andrea Ursino, Graziella Barberi, Salvatore D’Amico, Giuseppe Di Grazia, Elisabetta Giampiccolo, Carla Musumeci, Luciano Scarfì, Luciano Zuccarello


Instrumental seismic catalogues are an essential tool for the zonation of the territory and the production of seismic hazard maps. They are also a valuable instrument for detailed seismological studies regarding active volcanoes and, above all, for interpreting the magma dynamics and the evolution of eruptive phenomena. In this paper, we show the first instrumental earthquake catalogue of Mt. Etna, for the period 2000-2010, with the purpose of producing a homogeneous dataset of 10 years of seismological observations. During this period, 16,845 earthquakes have been recorded by the seismic network run by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica and Vulcanologia, Osservatorio Etneo, in Catania. A total of 6,330 events, corresponding to approximately 40% of all earthquakes recorded, were located by using a one-dimensional VP velocity model. The magnitude completeness of the catalogue is equal to about 1.5 for the whole period, except for some short periods in 2001 and 2002-2003 and at the end of 2009. The reliability of the data collected is supported by the good values of the main hypocentral parameters through the time. The spatial distribution of seismicity allowed the highlighting of several seismogenetic areas characterized by different seismic rates and focal depths. This seismic catalogue represents a fundamental tool for several research aiming to a better understanding of the behavior of an active volcano such as Mt. Etna.



Mt Etna volcano; Faulting earthquakes; Instrumental seismic catalogue; Magnitude; Seismic strain release; Seismogenetic areas

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN: 2037-416X