Long term continuous radon monitoring in a seismically active area

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Antonio Piersanti
Valentina Cannelli
Gianfranco Galli


We present the results of a long term, continuous radon monitoring experiment started in April 2010 in a seismically active area, affected during the 2010-2013 data acquisition time window by an intense micro seismic activity and by several small seismic events. We employed both correlation and cross-correlation analyses in order to investigate possible relationship existing between the collected radon data, seismic events and meteorological parameters. Our results do not support the feasibility of a robust one-to-one association between the small magnitude earthquakes characterizing the local seismic activity and single radon measurement anomalies, but evidence significant correlation patterns between the spatio-temporal variations of seismic moment release and soil radon emanations, the latter being anyway dominantly modulated by meteorological parameters variations.

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Piersanti, A., Cannelli, V. and Galli, G. (2015) “Long term continuous radon monitoring in a seismically active area”, Annals of Geophysics, 58(4), p. S0437. doi: 10.4401/ag-6735.

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