Annex 1 to: Passive Degassing at Nyiragongo (D.R. Congo) and Etna (Italy) Volcanoes.

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Sergio Calabrese
Sarah Scaglione
Silvia Milazzo
Walter D'Alessandro
Nicole Bobrowski
Giovanni Bruno Giuffrida
Dario Tedesco
Francesco Parello
Mathiew Yalire


Volcanic Emissions

The technique for the assessment of the metal output from volcanoes was based on direct (in- plume) collection of the plume on filter substrates. Gas and aerosols in the volcanic plume have been sampled from the rims of the active craters. [...]

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Calabrese, S., Scaglione, S., Milazzo, S., D’Alessandro, W., Bobrowski, N., Giuffrida, G. B., Tedesco, D., Parello, F. and Yalire, M. (2015) “ Congo) and Etna (Italy) Volcanoes”., Annals of Geophysics, 57. doi: 10.4401/ag-6757.

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