Macroseismic intensity investigation of the November 2014, M=5.7, Vrancea (Romania) crustal earthquake

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Angela Petruta Constantin
Iren Adelina Moldovan
Andreea Craiu
Mircea Radulian
Constantin Ionescu


On November 22, 2014 at 21:14:17 local hour (19:14:17 GMT) a  ML=5.7 crustal earthquake occurred in the area of Marasesti city of Vrancea county (Romania) - the epicenter was located at north latitude 45.87° and east longitude 27.16°, with a focal depth of 39 km. This earthquake is the main shock of a sequence that started with this and lasted until the end of January. During the sequence, characterized by the absence of foreshocks, a number of 75 earthquakes were recorded in 72 hours, the largest of which occurred in the same day with the main shock, at 22:30 (ML= 3.1). The crustal seismicity of Vrancea seismogenic region is characterized by moderate earthquakes with magnitudes that have not exceeded MW 5.9, this value being assigned to an earthquake that occurred in historical times on March 1, 1894 (Romplus catalogue). Immediately after the 2014 earthquake occurrence, the National Institute for Earth Physics (NIEP) sent macroseismic questionnaires in all affected areas, in order to define the macroseismic field of ground shaking. According to macroseismic questionnaires survey, the intensity of epicentral area reached VI MSK, and the seismic event was felt in all the extra-Carpathian area. This earthquake caused general panic and minor to moderate damage to the buildings in the epicentral area and the northeast part of country. The main purpose of this paper is to present the macroseismic map of the earthquake based on the MSK-64 intensity scale.

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Constantin, A. P., Moldovan, I. A., Craiu, A., Radulian, M. and Ionescu, C. (2016) “Macroseismic intensity investigation of the November 2014, M=5.7, Vrancea (Romania) crustal earthquake”, Annals of Geophysics, 59(5), p. S0542. doi: 10.4401/ag-6998.

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