The INGV real time strong motion data sharing during the 2016 Amatrice (central Italy) seismic sequence

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Marco Massa
Ezio D'Alema
Chiara Mascandola
Sara Lovati
Davide Scafidi
Gianlorenzo Franceschina
Antonio Gomez
Simona Carannante
Davide Piccaredda
Santi Mirenna
Paolo Augliera


ISMD is the real time INGV Strong Motion database. During the recent August-September 2016 Amatrice, Mw 6.0, seismic sequence, ISMD represented the main tool for the INGV real time strong motion data sharing.  Starting from August 24th,  the main task of the web portal was to archive, process and distribute the strong-motion waveforms recorded  by the permanent and temporary INGV accelerometric stations, in the case of earthquakes with magnitude ≥ 3.0, occurring  in the Amatrice area and surroundings.  At present (i.e. September 30th, 2016), ISMD provides more than 21,000 strong motion waveforms freely available to all users. In particular, about 2,200 strong motion waveforms were recorded by the temporary network installed for emergency in the epicentral area by SISMIKO and EMERSITO working groups. Moreover, for each permanent and temporary recording site, the web portal provide a complete description of the necessary information to properly use the strong motion data.

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Massa, M., D’Alema, E., Mascandola, C., Lovati, S., Scafidi, D., Franceschina, G., Gomez, A., Carannante, S., Piccaredda, D., Mirenna, S. and Augliera, P. (2016) “The INGV real time strong motion data sharing during the 2016 Amatrice (central Italy) seismic sequence”, Annals of Geophysics, 59. doi: 10.4401/ag-7193.

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