The MURAVES muon telescope: technology and expected performances

Giulio Saracino, Fabio Ambrosino, Lorenzo Bonechi, Alan Bross, Luigi Cimmino, Roberto Ciaranfi, Raffaello D’Alessandro, Flora Giudicepietro, Giovanni Macedonio, Marcello Martini, Vincenzo Masone, Nicola Mori, Pasquale Noli, Massimo Orazi, Giuseppe Passeggio, Anna Pla-Dalmau, Lorenzo Roscilli, Paolo Strolin


The MURAVES project aims to study the inner structure of the upper part of the Mt. Vesuvius volcano by muon radiography (muography) technique. Very high energy muons, produced by cosmic rays in the atmosphere, can penetrate large thickness of rocks. By measuring the attenuation of the muons flux trough the volcano cone is possible to obtain a 2D image of the density structure. Internal discontinuities, with a spatial resolution of about 10 m, can be, in principle, resolved. An absolute average density measurement can be provided too. The project, funded by the Italian Ministry of University, Research and Education (MIUR), is led by INGV and INFN. In this article the mechanical structure of the detectors and background suppression techniques are reported.


Muon radiography; Muography; Volcanoes; Geophysical imaging; Particle detectors

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN: 2037-416X