Ethical Dilemmas in Geosciences. We Can Ask, but, Can We Answer?

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Eduardo Marone
Silvia Peppoloni


The choices of a geoscientist while carrying out his/her activity are always accompanied by ethical implications, because they can have a strong impact on the population, the natural environment, the economy, the landscape and the cultural resources of the affected area. It is not uncommon for a geoscientist to be faced with ethical dilemmas that are problems with a difficult solution, since options to solve such dilemmas will have negative consequences. How does one make a choice in these circumstances? What is the ethical duty of geoscientists and what has to be their professional attitude? In which cases do they have the duty to take action or the duty to not act (duty of omission)? A brief review of the concepts formulated by philosophers in reference to ethics can serve to provide some answers to the above questions and to understand how geoscientists can best serve society.

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Marone, E. and Peppoloni, S. (2017) “Ethical Dilemmas in Geosciences. We Can Ask, but, Can We Answer?”, Annals of Geophysics, 60. doi: 10.4401/ag-7445.
SPECIAL ISSUE: Geoethics at the heart of all geoscience
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Eduardo Marone, Center for Marine Studies of the Federal University of Parana, Brazil International Ocean Institute Training Center for Latin America and the Caribbean IAPG – International Association for Promoting Geoethics

Full Professor (Tenure)

Head of the Coastal and Estuarine Process Lab CEM/UFPR

Director IOI-TC-LAC

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