Magnetic Structure of the Ischia volcanic island, Southern Italy

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Valeria Paoletti
Maurizio Fedi
Giovanni Florio


We carried out a study of the structures of the volcanic island of Ischia by the analysis and interpretation of high-resolution aeromagnetic data and by a newly compiled in-land gravity data set. The comparison between the vertical gradient of gravity data and pole-reduced magnetic data was performed through semblance analysis and highlighted a correspondence between the main magnetic and gravity highs over the lava and green tuff deposits (e.g., Punta Imperatore, Mt. Trippodi, Zaro, Mt. Rotaro, Mt. Epomeo). Our analysis also highlighted the simultaneous presence of a magnetic minimum and a gravimetric maximum in the central part of the island, mainly visible in the long-period components of the two data sets. This may be due to the existence of a partially demagnetized structure with positive density contrast, representing the island's igneous basement. The boundaries of the lava and tuffs deposits of the island were clearly pointed out by the maxima of the total horizontal gradient maps of magnetic and gravity data. Those maxima also show the position of several lineaments, in good agreement with the mapped faults of the island. 

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Paoletti, V., Fedi, M. and Florio, G. (2017) “Magnetic Structure of the Ischia volcanic island, Southern Italy”, Annals of Geophysics, 60(6 Sup), p. GM674. doi: 10.4401/ag-7550.
Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism