Structural health monitoring and Earthquake Early Warning: preliminary studies for application in eastern Sicily

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Luciano Zuccarello
Giuseppina Tusa
Mario Paratore
Carla Musumeci
Domenico Patané


In this work, the reduction of seismic hazard in eastern Sicily is addressed by both studying the fundamental resonant frequency of strategic buildings through low cost geophysical investigation techniques, and exploring a practical approach to earthquake early warning (EEW) system. The fundamental period and the corresponding amplification of some selected strategic buildings has been estimated using ambient vibration and earthquake data. We analyzed the basic dynamic parameters of buildings chosen as target, by using continuous vibration measurements at different floors. The dynamic behavior of structures was evaluated considering both small strains induced by ambient vibrations and larger excitation levels due to the earthquakes occurrence.

A practical approach to earthquake early warning in the investigated area was dealt with by using empirical relationships between parameters measured on the initial portion of seismic recordings and related to the earthquake magnitude and peak ground motion. In particular, we performed the first preliminary tests by using empirical relationships calibrated for the considered area and taking into account the geometry of the existing permanent seismic network deployed in the eastern Sicily. The estimated relationships have been used to provide onsite warning around a given seismic station and evaluate the potential damaging effects. The joint of EEW system and geophysical investigation shown in this work may be deemed a useful guide for the future implementation of the in real time seismic monitoring in the region.

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Zuccarello, L., Tusa, G., Paratore, M., Musumeci, C. and Patané, D. (2018) “Structural health monitoring and Earthquake Early Warning: preliminary studies for application in eastern Sicily”, Annals of Geophysics, 61(2), p. SE230. doi: 10.4401/ag-7687.
Toward new approaches to the evaluation of seismic vulnerability and potential risk levels in Eastern Sicily

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