Comment on the paper “Recent Geoethical Issues in Moroccan and Peruvian Paleontology"

Joan Corbacho Amado


Recently, in an article written by Gutiérrez-Marco et al. and published in Annals of Geophysics [60, Fast Track 7, 2017], there are some incorrect affirmations written against my work in the paleontological field that I have been carried out for more than 10 years on new species of trilobites from the Ordovician of Morocco. They have questioned the quality of my work but also that of my collaborators and the institutions with which I am collaborating, particularly the Geological Museum of the Seminario of Barcelona (Spain), an institution that has been doing geological research since 1874. For this reason, I will present here some evidences that show the incorrectness of such statements reported in the paper by Gutiérrez-Marco et al. [2017]


Paleontology; accusations; trilobites

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