New Integrated Networks for Monitoring Seismic and Tsunami Activity in Morocco

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Abdelouahad Birouk
Aomar Ibenbrahim
Azelarab El Mouraouah
Mohamed Kasmi


A number of networks are currently being deployed for the real-time seismic and sea-level monitoring within Morocco, which has historically known several destructive earthquakes. In particular, a new seismic network that relies on satellite transmission for real-time data acquisition is being deployed in the country and consists of a hub for the management of VSAT and 48 seismic stations, all connected to a Central acquisition, processing and data storage Unit in Rabat. In addition, a seismic array consisting of 10 high-detection seismic stations is also connected by VSAT to the Rabat central recording site.

A strong-motion network consisting of 70 instruments is installed for the seismic monitoring of large infrastructures. These instruments have allowed the recording, so far, of more than 40 accelerograms. A second set of 50 digital accelerographs is currently being deployed in urban centers in order to rapidly provide maps of estimated damage distribution following a significant earthquake. Moreover, a new network of seven tide-gauges for sea level monitoring is being installed along Moroccan coasts. Combined with the above-mentioned seismic network and an installed tsunami analysis system, this tide-gauges network aims at setting up in the near future, a center for early warning against tsunamis.

Compared to the previous network, the new network has allowed the recording of five times more events per year and helped lower the threshold of detected magnitudes. A 24/7 surveillance has been set up for this monitoring and for providing rapid seismic warning to national authorities in charge of seismic risk management.

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Birouk, A., Ibenbrahim, A., El Mouraouah, A. and Kasmi, M. (2020) “New Integrated Networks for Monitoring Seismic and Tsunami Activity in Morocco”, Annals of Geophysics, 63(2), p. SE220. doi: 10.4401/ag-7954.
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Aomar Ibenbrahim, The Scientific Institute, GEOPAC research Center, Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco

Full Professor and Senior research scientist in the field of seismology and solid earth geophysics. I am affiliated to the Mohamed V University, Rabat, Morocco.