Stability and seismic vulnerability of the Stylite Tower at Umm Ar-Rasas

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Paolo Clemente
Giuseppe Delmonaco
Lucamaria Puzzilli
Fernando Saitta


The stability and vulnerability analyses carried out on the Stylite tower at Umm ar−Rasas, Jordan, are presented in this paper. The tower is a unique example of this kind of structure still existing. The soil and the structural material were analyzed by means of in situ ex− perimental tests. These consisted of Schmidt−hammer tests on stone blocks and passive seismic measurements. The stability of the tower was first analyzed, assuming an elastic – perfect plastic behavior in compression for masonry. Then the push−over seismic analysis was carried out, which was based on a single−mode approach and a finite solid element modelling with a Drucker−Prager yield criterion for masonry. The work is propaedeutic to the design of a retrofit intervention.

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Clemente P, Delmonaco G, Puzzilli L, Saitta F. Stability and seismic vulnerability of the Stylite Tower at Umm Ar-Rasas. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2019Dec.3 [cited 2024Feb.25];62(3):SE340. Available from:
Lessons from the past: the evolution of seismic protection techniques in the history of building
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Paolo Clemente, ENEA Casaccia Research Centre, Rome,

Structural engineering, earthquake engineering, vulnerability, cultural heritage structures, bridges, seismic input